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Behind The Dar Curtain
(Adam W. Gibson)

Behind the Dark Curtain is a dark tale about a secret society that have taken a manmade island of the shores of lake Michigan in Chicago Illinois
We find our hero John Paddock in a hospital attempting to recall the events that took place the day before, soon we are engulfed in a conspiracy against the mayor who has been targeted for assassination. John Paddock and his elite team of special forces must solve the clues and free the hostages before time runs out, but as John finds out more he soon finds himself falling into a downward spiral of deceit, by all he is close to.
The story is gripping with many lot twists and turns that leave you gripping the book waiting to find out what happens next. As the plot thickens so does John Paddocks memory. Soon John finds out that the past two years of his life have been a lie, and the love of his life may be something else.
The book is filled with many rich and detailed characters, ranging from a hideously deformed scared man with more then 300 hundred battle wounds, to a schizophrenic security guard who has constant reoccurring visions of the nightmare that took place when he was a child. A gun wielding veteran of Desert Storm, a pair of unlikely female twins dressed in clad leather, and a whole handful of psychos the world over.
The plot is also highly original, like nothing ever before, it is a whole new twist to the thriller genre, with a splash of mind games and horror that will make jump and think at the same time. The backgrounds and place settings are equally rich and detailed, the island itself is an astonishment.
Behind the Dark Curtain gets five stars from me for it?s originality, and gripping story filled with rich characters and places.

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