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Gita Guide To Mnagement

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here.The Gita guide to project management

The Gita, the divine song that Lord Krishna sang to Arjuna
on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, has messages that man
has imbibed for centuries. The ancient tome teaches about
the way of work, way of worship and way of life and so on.
Like modern physics and mathematics looking at ancient
Indian scriptures for solutions (e.g. matter and atom
concept is the same as the ancient ?universe-and-soul
idea), the modern Indian management science is looking at
the Gita for guidance. The book has messages for HRD
managers, project managers and other professionals.
The Gita has 18 chapters and 694 verses (slokas) that
describe aspects from simple things like war and dejection
to meditation and glory of God. But the theme is to show
how to take action. And that is where the message for
project management lies. The message for actions and
working is spread all across the Gita, but chapters 2 and 3
are the main pointers.

What is PM?
First let us understand what project management is. PM is
achieving a defined goal in the given duration, the given
cost and using the given resources effectively and
3 verses in the Gita are supreme and, in effect, contain
the whole Gita. All 3 points add to the field of PM.
Verse30, chapter3:
This chapter is Karma Yoga, the principle of action. This
chapter guides to the core of the PM. Verse 30 says ?mayi
sarvani?. that is: ?dedicating all actions, with your mind
fixed, free from desires, possession and fears, fight.?That
is what PM working continuously, without attachment, fear
or favor. Another requirement
of PM Yanisha sarvabhutanam?? (2-69), that is:? what is
night for all beings, the dedicated man keeps awake in that
state. And that in what all beings are awake is the night
for the dedicated man?.
The project manager has to be awake, be vigilant. When
everybody relaxes thinking that the work is going-?night
for all beings?-the project manager must look at things
critically-?the dedicated man keeps awake?-and ensure that
indeed things are right. When everybody is taking care of
things, the project manager does not disturb.

?Karmanyevadhikarste...?that is: your right is in the
action and not in the result. Be not instrumental in making
your actions bring about the result, nor do you attach to
non-action. ?This is the prime teaching of the Gita. That
message teaches us to act-?do not attach to non-action?-and
act without contemplating what the result will be-?your
right is not in the result?.
This may sound opposite to the definition of ?project?.
That is because the goal is important in a project. But the
message is subtler and, in fact, complimentary to the goal
definition. There is nothing wrong in having a goal before
we act. We must have a goal, else how do we know what
action to take? A work must have a direction. How do we
know the direction? The direction comes from the goal. If
the destination is London, we go west. If the destination
is Singapore, we go east.
The goal gives the direction. That is what PM is. Take
action in the right direction; spend no time or energy
contemplating the result and things will fall in

Some more pointers:
One?s own duty is better than other?s (18-47). Hypocrisy,
arrogance, pride, anger, sternness and ignorance are low
marks (16-4). You do, but doership is in the nature (5-14).
You perform the allotted duty, for action is superior to
These all are needed guidelines in the field of PM. Project
management knows where we are and where we have to go, how
much time we have and what are our resources. For that, the
only thing we can do is to take action, the right action.
Is it not the message of the Gita? Act, and act now.

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