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(Thomas Pynchon)

The modern world is often a confusing and chaotic place. The writer
Thomas Pynchon has decided to incorporate this view of the modern world
in his fiction. His first novel was V, which introduced the world to
his unique style. There is no narrative structure, there are fragmented
plots, events told in random order, a wide variety of literary styles,
and a plethora of characters and allusions to pop culture. All these
elements may make the work difficult, but they also make it interesting
and original. V focuses on Benny Profane, who was just released from
the Navy. He spends him time walking around New York not doing anything
in particular. His friends are procrastinators who live a dull
existence. The story also focuses on his friend Stencil, who is
searching for a woman his father used to know during the war known as
V. He never really finds her. The novel is not about her identity, but
about the search. It does not really have a definite plot. V is more a
book consisting of themes searching for a story. V may not even be a
woman it all. It could be a symbol for the insanity of the modern
world. In essence, the novel is a mystery story that is never solved or
attempted to be. There are countless theories of what V actually
represents, but nobody really knows which ones of them is true.Even
though the novel may lack a focus, it is brilliantly written and
contains a multitude of facts and information. It also provides a very
detailed account of life in New York City. The novel greatly uses the
element of entropy, which shows how are world is becoming more
disorganized and random. The novel may be a metaphor for the chaotic
nature of the modern world or how the more we search for something, the
less we know about it. It is such a complex book that you will probably
formulate your own theories about what the book means. The novel?s
ability to inspire one to think while entertain makes it extra special.

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