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Dead Midnight
(Marcia Muller)

Even if they have never been to San Francisco, most people have heard
of the Golden Gate Bride and the fascination it holds for people intent
upon committing suicide. Few know, however about the other major bridge
in the area?the San Francisco- Oakland Bay Bridge. In Marcia Muller?s
Dead Midnight, private investigator Sharon McCone finds herself
investigating the death of a young man who kills himself by jumping
from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.Dead Midnight is a
part of Muller?s long running murder mystery series featuring McCone.
Each story making up the series contains not only a well-crafted tale
of murder and mayhem but also more details about McCone?s personal
history. Thus, anyone wanting to know the details of her entire life
story should start reading the series at the beginning and follow it
through in chronological order. But even if readers don?t do that, they
can still learn essentials details of McCone?s background, since Muller
incorporates superbly written bits of summary information in each novel
itself. Thus, each one can stand on its own, yet offer a backwards
glimpse at McCone?s personal and professional development over the
years. And she has certainly come a long ways since she first started
out as a private investigator.In Dead Midnight, as McCone
explores the circumstances of a young man?s suicide, she finds herself
saving one of his brothers from meeting the same fate. As always,
McCone goes about solving the mystery of the suicide?s death (and that
of other characters) with the assistance of her loyal staff. Head of
her own private investigations agency located in San Francisco, McCone
never hesitates to pull out all the stops to get at the truth in a case.Muller
is a gifted writer who, over the years, has grown by leaps and bounds
in her ability to present an intriguing case for McCone to solve. She
comes through a winner once again in Dead Midnight.

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