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The Street Lawyer
(John Grisham)

Many young people who go to law school do so because they dream of
landing a job with a high profile law firm after graduation and making
?the big bucks.? Michael Brock, the lead character in John Grisham?s
The Street Lawyer is no different. In fact, he is one of the fortunate
few who does indeed manage to land such a job. Working at a major
Washington, D.C. law firm and pulling down a six figure salary every
year, he thinks he has it made.But one day his abrupt (and
unwilling) encounter with a stranger, a person living on the streets,
changes his outlook on life profoundly. Grisham does a splendid job of
telling his story, focusing attention on a type of legal practice which
rarely enjoys the spotlight in popular fiction?the work of the
so-called street lawyer.Grisham himself is a lawyer by
training. Before he became a successful novelist, he earned his living
by practicing law. Dissatisfied with the tedium and drudgery all too
frequently involved in legal work, he sought by turning to the writing
of legal thrillers. He?s had a string of successes with such works as
The Client, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Rainmaker, The Partner,
and The Testament. Many of his novels have been turned into movies
starring some of Hollywood?s most high profile stars (e.g. Julia
Roberts and Denzel Washington in The Pelican Brief, Tom Cruise and Gene
Hackman in The Firm, Susan Sarandon and Ossie Davis in The Client, etc.)As
for The Street Lawyer, it will be interesting to see if it, too,
becomes a movie. Even if it doesn?t, Grisham fans can delight in the
intricacies of its plot. It?s fascinating reading, seeing how a money
hungry, young attorney can come to the realization that perhaps what
he?s doing professionally is not what he should be doing and has the
courage to change course, despite objections from family and
associates. In doing so, he runs a gamut of twists and turns which
imperil his physical well-being and ability to earn a living as an
attorney.In The Street Lawyer, Grisham has once again scored a bullseye in producing a satisfying legal thriller.

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