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(Stephen King)

In Stephen King?s book It, which was made into a movie along
with every other decent book, a bunch of adults reunite after many years in a
small town in Maine. They all went through the same horrific experiences as
children ? watching their friends and siblings be murdered by some mysterious
force. It appeared to the different children in different ways ? all of them
pressing on the children?s individual deep down fears. When the crazy, clown
related force reappears in the town, people start dying again and the original
group of children (now adults) comes back home to battle it.

The story follows the main character, who of course does not
die, watched his brother die in the opening scene of the book while he was
still a small child (he disappeared down a storm drain when he saw a clown down
there as his newspaper boat floated down). Okay that sentence was very poorly
formulated but you?ll have to forgive me.

As with all of Stephen King?s books, he sneaks in a sex
scene or two, tons of gruesome killings, way too many pages (over 1100 in my
hard cover edition), and then ends it in a very, very stupid way. I have not
seen the movie but I have heard that it does really make up for the bad ending
in anyway. Oh, Hollywood, how you have failed me! Woe is me!

Stephen King is also the author of trillions of other books
like The Tommyknockers, The Frighteners, Children of the Corn, The Shining, The
Stand, Needful Things, Cujo, Dreamcatcher, and many, many more which have
pretty much all been made into movies. A little lesser known are his short
stories which have also been published in books like Skeleton Crew.

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