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Iii. Amos
(The Bible)

Amos was a shepherd and a fruit picker from the Judean village of Tekoa called by God calls him, to delivers messages of impending doom and captivity for the nation of Israel because of her sins. There isn?t much that we know about him or his family. He had no priestly training or skills and often his messages went unheeded. Another reason his warnings went unheeded was that not since the days of Solomon had times been so good in Israel. His ministry takes place while Jeroboam II reigns over Israel, and Uzziah reigns over Judah. The worse problem in all these countries, are the idolatry and worship of other Gods. Amos often used songs and pictures to help convey his message, examples which can be found in chapters 7-9.
Amos sees that beneath Israel's external prosperity and power, the nation is corrupt and full of sin. There are numerous sins that Amos preaches against including neglect of God's Word, pagan worship, greed, corrupted leadership and oppression of the poor. HE speaks of offering that he Israelites bring that are only there to give show, not as true offerings for repentance. Amos is not lenient with any nation and begins by pronouncing a judgment upon all the surrounding nations, then upon his own nation of Judah, and finally gives the harshest punishments to Israel. His holy visions show the same message over and over: judgment is near. There is not very much hope in the book of Amos. God is angry with Israel?s people and he intends to punish them. He will use war, exile, and terrible things to do this. But at the end of the book Amos gives a message of hope that ends with God's promise to him to future restoration everything to it?s proper place in the future.

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