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Prince Caspian
(C. S. Lewis)

Prince Caspian is the second book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.
Due to the magic of time in Narnia, it is now many many generations
after the events of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The four
siblings, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy, are once more drawn to the
magical world of Narnia.

The land is now no longer ruled by the rightful king, but by the
usurper Miraz. He has done away with all the rightful challengers to
the throne, all but the young boy Prince Caspian. The prince would have
been killed as well, but his tutor (secretly a half-dwarf) helped him
escape in the nick of time. The Prince has grown up on tales of magic
and mystery, of dwarfs and fauns and talking beasts and Aslan. Miraz is
trying to erase all traces of this "Old Narnia" with his belief in the
sole dominence of Men.

After escaping, he meets up with some of these "Old Narnians", and
learns even more about this wonderful world that he ought to be the
king of. Some are friendly, some are not so friendly, but all of them
hate the tyrant Miraz. They are all in hiding thanks to Miraz, but
Caspian and his guides go and visit them and convince them to go to a
council of war.

The Prince Caspian rallies an army of Old Narnian remnents, and calls
on Aslan to help him. Aslan sends the four siblings, who were the Kings
and Queens of Narnia the last time they were there. They get together,
and with the aid of Aslan, finally overthrow Miraz and his Telemarines.

Not wanting to simply kill all the Telemarines, and knowing that they
originally came from our world, Aslan creates a passageway to an island
in the Pacific where they will be allowed to live in peace. This
doorway also leads back to England, for the four children must head
back. A sad time for the two eldest, Peter and Susan, for they will
never return here.

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