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War Over Cultures
(Sunil Noronha)

There is a constant struggle to regain ?regain our culture? in our country. The older generation complains of the western culture taking over. To combat this conquest of our country by the west, we have expanded our culture so as to protect it. We fail to realize that if a culture is to be part of peoples life, it should hold something for them. The question is if were trying to save it so that it will not diminish and then slowly cease to exist or because we have something more to gain from it. It does not make sense to save it and in the process sacrifice for it and lose something ourselves.

A culture is more than mere language, dance forms, dress codes and music styles. More importantly, a culture is about values, ethics, priorities and the values, ethics and priorities behind them. A culture can be ideally created and would survive and grow in an environment where it allows the individual to accommodate himself and where in he can grow. If it exists in any other environment, it doesn?t serve the purpose of the people and that is the only purpose it is created to serve. Culture being the dispute here brings about an already existent option of creating one as is our need for one or recreating one already existent to cater to our needs.

Maybe western culture has explored that option and as a result, it has crossed boundaries. As much as the west may be a different region of the world and may have different languages spoken there, across all borders lie human beings just like you and me. Their basic needs and requirements are not very different at all. It allows a man to free where it counts. The individual doesn?t have to keep the mistakes, failures and successes of the people who love him in mind because the system is not functional. It accommodates all the possibilities, ways, modes and methods of existing. You can choose out of them how you want to live or you can make your own because of its flexible evolving nature. There is a list of things that you can?t do here because ?we live in India? but we probably and most surely could if we were in the United States of America.

Instead of borrowing one, we should believe and follow whatever is necessary for our development. Putting all that together and calling it a name makes it difficult for it to evolve how we need it to evolve. The only drawback is that we as many chances to turn it our way as we have to misuse it. It is in our hands to change it and that privilege comes with that risk. We shouldn?t succumb to that tendency. We should judge between the changes to be made keeping in mind how it will affect and benefit us.

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