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Everything's Eventual
(Stephen King)

Everything?s Eventual
14 Dark Tales
By Stephen King

World renowned and internationally bestselling author Stephen King releases a series of short stories in 2002 in his book Everything?s Eventual. Without a doubt, these short stories are definitely King-ish, and worthy of attention. While I wont go over each and every story with that fine tooth comb, I will highlight a few of my personal favorites. Keep in mind that some of these stories are downright scary, while others have an eventual effect on you, if you will.
Autopsy Room Four, the first of the stories introduce, and what a way to introduce you to these tales! Picture yourself on the table in an autopsy room, completely aware ? you can see and hear everything, even as they prepare to do your autopsy for you. You aren?t dead! Or are you? In this short story the main character grasps with this issue, in this setting, not sure whether or not he is dead, definitely afraid of that cutting knife they are preparing just for him. I won?t ruin the ending for you.
The Road Virus Heads North is a story based on a picture owned by Stephen King, however I am sure that the real life incarnate is a little less sinister (or so we should hope) then the picture in this story. The main character, an author (surprise!), is at a garage sale just outside of Boston (surprise!), where he stumbles upon a picture that peaks his interest. However this picture is no ordinary picture, and the artist is no ordinary artist. It is shared with King?s dear Constant Reader that the artist had killed himself and burned all the pictures except the one. The horror writer that is the main character had to have it. The terror begins on Kinnel, the main character?s, ride home as the picture appears to change slightly. Nothing much at first seemed to change, a slight shift in the gaze, things of the sort. However a pit stop at his Aunt Trudy?s house, and the changes were obvious. The smile had grown more sinister, the teeth sharper, and the arm was in a new position ? he could now see a tattoo. It would be on the ride home that he realized that the background of the subject in the picture changed with his own movements. Formerly on the Tobin Bridge in Boston, the insanely grinning motorcyclist had opted for the highway Kinnel was on. Deciding to ditch the picture on the side of the road, Kinnel finally arrives home to see that the picture has beaten him there. This one is definitely worth a page turn, to find out the ending.
While not all fourteen stories are nail biters, this book is definitely one for the library. It includes the television special Riding The Bullet, in all of its original glory, an homage to the Dark Tower series with the story The Little Sisters of Eluria, and other exciting stories.

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