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The 8th Habit
(Stephen Covey)

Being effective in today?s society is imperative to our success. Stephen Covey?s The 8th Habit is an awesome book. It will help you find out what your 8th Habit is. I would suggest you first read his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, then read this one. The 8th Habit speaks of how we need a whole new mind-set in today?s world. If you feel discouraged and unappreciated, this book is for you. It also comes with a companion CD. The CD has short movies that go along with the information located in the book. From time to time while reading, Covey will advise you to put the book aside and view one of the clips on the CD. They are entertaining as well as informative. After reading this book you may find that your outlook on life has changed. You?ll find yourself reaching out to find your purpose or meaning in life. Throughout the book, Covey has put illustrations to help with his explanations in each chapter. He also sprinkles quotes from others throughout. The book is not an easy read. It?s something you?ll need to concentrate on as you go. I would suggest reading each chapter at least twice to get the real meaning of what the author is trying to convey. While this book was not written for pure entertainment purposes, you will find you are entertained from time to time. Covey has a good grasp on how to keep readers interested while giving them a massive amount of informative information. The author, Stephen Covey, is known and respected internationally as an authority in leadership. While this book is helpful for mid and upper management in business, it?s a good read for others as well, especially for those who aspire to greatness in their lives. I highly recommend it.

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