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Pro Evolution Soccer 4
(Lee Billingham)

Konami have out done themselves this time around footy fans.
Pro Evolution Soccer Four for the X-box is absolutely the best football game ever produced. Sure there will probably be better in the future, but for now this game tops the lot.
Stunning graphics and brilliant game play. You actually feel like you have scored a goal on this game. On other games such as Fifa 2005 it is just hit and hope, but on pro Evolution you can really determine where the ball is going to end up.
One feature that is difficult is scoring from a free kick. A lot of fans of the game argur that it can only be done with the top free kick takers like David Beckham and Roberto Carlos. While it is true that you stand a better chance with the top players, it is still possible with any player. The fact that it is so hard to score from free kicks makes the game even more realistic, as opposed to Fifa 2005 where if you hit the right point on the gauge, a little like the golf swing in golf games, then you definately score.
Crosses are amazing on this game, you can choose to hit the Cross button to swing in your cross, providing your aiming in the right place, or you can double tap for an in swinging more accurate, powerful cross or tap three times for a low cross along the ground. Headers are amazing too. i've scored some amazing headers and proudly have them saved on the hard drive.
This is another main benefit of the x-box version as opposed to the Playstation. The X-box's hard drive allows you to save as much as you want without having to worry about memory cards or memory card space.
The Master league has been improved a lot since the last version of the game. There is now Wefa championship which is equivalent to the champions league and you can go on playing indefinately for as many seasons as you like.
All in all atop game and a must have for all footy fans!

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