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Earn Money Online
(Aoudumbar Tanpure)

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internet users to contribute to worthy causes merely by clicking on a
button once a day. The site is made up of six components which are
linked across the top of each page: the Hunger Site, Breast Cancer
Site, Literacy Site, Rainforest Site, Animal Rescue, and Child Health
Site. Each one of these sub-sites has a left-hand menu which provides
more opportunities to help and provides answers to questions.

The Hunger Site works through the generosity of its sponsors, so all
pages are laden with advertisements. However, the button that you
click to donate to each cause is squarely in the middle of the page and
easy to find. There is also one pop-up for each page, but if you have
a pop-up blocker, the site still works. User visits are tracked to
ensure that only one click per user per day is counted. sponsors ?
which change ? agree to contribute a certain amount per click, and
this amount can also change. On the Hunger Site proper, a click wins
partner charities food which is measured in cups, while on the Animal
Rescue site, bowls of pet food are provided to animal shelters and

There is complete information on each sub-site as to where sponsor
donations go and how the money is spent. Food contributed to Hunger
Site sponsors goes to Asia and Africa, where the need is greatest.
Donations made on the Rainforest and Child Health Sites are also used
internationally. However, donations on the other sites are used in the
United States, at least at the time of writing. All of this is fluid
because the sites are registered charities and changing situations
demand changing priorities.

It takes a minute or so to click on each of the six sites? buttons, but
this is an easy way to make a difference to the quality of life the

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