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Blind Beauty
(K.M Peyton)

This story is a very exciting and touching. It will touch your hearts as you read about a young girl called Tessa and her relationship with her family, friends. Tessa is expelled from her latest school. So her domineering step-father finds her a job at the local stables. She is forced to look after an ugly and seemingly untalented horse. Though she hated the horse at first her interest, is fired when she discovers who his mother was.

Tessa?s hatred towards her mother?s new husband, Maurice grows with ever minute. After several violent attempts to murder Maurice Tessa leaves the house - and the only other place she can go is to the stables. Without any other distractions in her life Tessa is set on becoming a top jockey and ride Shiner in the Grand National. Even though she is mocked for her dreams she keeps up her hopes and determination.

This story shows that even the most misunderstood horse can turn out to be that once in a life time great race horse. Tessa, is bound to her horse through a great relationship and bond between horse and human. They become bound to each other in an unspoken love and respect which rules out any other relationship you could come across.

This book is immensely moving in which only a born horsewoman and writer could achieve. It is written in such a style that you will feel sorrow, happiness, envy and may even bring tears to your eyes. This book is written in such a way that you don?t even need to love a horse to be captivated by such emotions.

This book is highly recommended for people ages 12 and higher. It is a great book that will go well with any collection. This book will never grow old with every read.

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