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Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron
(Kathleen Duey)

Spirit: Stallion Of the Cimarron is a great book full of adventure, dramatic drama and even great themes that you have seen in the film. However, this book will give you the insight in the movie and tell you things that you have not heard of before. You will find out how Spirit was born, and endure the capture of this magnificent stallion, through to his triumphant return to his homeland.

This is a great choice for fans of the film. It is also a great collector?s item or a great story for your children. This book is available in both paperback and hard cover edition and is great for nearly everyone to read. You can join spirit through 134 pages of great reading.
You may be a horse lover or you might even enjoy the adventure of someone else?s life. No, matter what reason you have this book will be perfect for you. The author captivates the great imagery of a wild mustang and his eventful life. This is the only book that describes a horse?s life from the horse?s point of view. All you need to do is go to your bookstore and buy it. It will be worth your weight and gold.
The producers put a lot of effort into the film and the author of this book put just as much effort into writing it. They did it all for you. Do not knock them down. All they ask is for you to dig into your pockets and spare just a little bit of money. Lets face it though, you can?t put a price on enhancing your mind and a once of adventure that you will never find anywhere else. Many people have rated this book as excellent and now it is your chance to put your own opinion on the line. What is stopping you? Go buy this book now.

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