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The Other Boleyn Girl
(Philippa Gregory)

The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl is a work of fiction based on Henry VIII and his mistress-turned-queen Anne Boleyn. Rather than tell the story of the deceptive and seducing Anne Boleyn, Gregory?s tale is told through the eyes of Anne?s younger sister Mary. There?s turmoil in England when the beloved Queen Katherine of Spain can not give the king an heir to his throne. The Boleyn parent?s, a shallow, money hungry pair, decide that their youngest child Mary should seduce the king, thus giving him a son.
Mary is used as the pawn. It?s a dangerous game she plays; it becomes even more serious when feelings develop. It becomes clear just how disturbed her family is. Anne is eventually added to the mix when things begin to look bad for Mary and King Henry. The sister?s are at each other?s throats.
Philippa Gregory describes England and its society in those times in beautiful and at times heinous detail. The extent to which this family goes for monetary gain is sickening. In a time when heads are rolling for the mere thought of an opposing opinion, the Boleyn?s are involved in a high stakes, murderous game. The sisters? Mary and Anne are as different as two women can be but they are both objects of the king?s desire. Mary, sincere in heart and innocent with age, discovers how cruel and warp minded her sister is. Her sister?s shameless behavior to get what she wants hardens Mary and turns her into a smart, independent woman.
Unlike the rest of her family, Mary realizes what her fate would be if she does not act quick and wisely. Taking things into her own hands, she makes all who know her see that she is no longer to be anyone?s pawn.
The Other Boleyn Girl is a history buff meets lover of romance novel. It has just enough fact, murder, sex and beauty to entertain any bookworm. As an added bonus, those in reading groups will enjoy the reading group guidelines included in the back of the book. This is an exceptional book. Philippa Gregory?s best yet.

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