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Lord Of The Rings
(J.R.R Tolkien)

The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is probably the most talked about piece
of literature, and film ever! This review will hopefully give you
some insight into the story and convince you to give it shot!

The book, and subsequently the film which is based upon it, was written
by J.R.R Tolkien, clearly a true master of the English language.

Now I'm not really a fan of books, nor am I a major fan of stories of
magic, elves, dwarves etc. But after watching and enjoying the
first two films, I decided to have a go at reading the book. I
got it for Christmas, and to see it wrapped up left me quite
confused. It was so thick you see, that I had struggled to
believe it was just a book!

And at over 1000 words (and some of the smallest print ever), as you'd
imagine, it is not a very light read but as the book goes on, and every
page is read, the book gets far more interesting, new characters are
introduced, and the story unfolds even further leading to the typical
"Just one more chapter then I'm going to bed for the night" attitude!

The first chapter is arguably the most boring 30 odd pages I have ever
read! And straight from the offset I was thinking, oh dear,
maybe I should just give up now? But from Chapter 2 onwards, as
the real story began, I began to become entrapped, and fascinated by
every word which Tolkien had written.

If you've only seen the film like I had, then you will no doubt be
surprised by some of it. The book carries far less glamour than
the film naturally. There won't be any Aragorn love stories and
naturally the battles won't be as overhyped, but with a book comes much
more detail, and several things which won't have been included in the
movies, including the character Tom Bombadil, who's exclusion from the
film left a lot of movie watchers annoyed!

So, if you're a fan of great literature, and you want to read a book
which is filled to the brim with great detail, and a masterclass of
vocabulary, then I would advise that you read this book, there is no
comaprison to it on the shelves even to this day, as it's book sales

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