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Watch Or Read; William Shakepeare's Romeo And Juliet
(Brett Lewandowski)

On adventure it was too all lost. He jest at scars that never felt a wound.., -Romeo and Juliet. An exceptional story of love testing the bounds of fueds between families in fair Verona walls. There is nothing more helpless than a love without a steering wheel. Taken off by that cruel villian Tybalt. Was Tybalt ment for this story... he obviously was the creator of seperation, when causing fued, poor Romeo wilting and at his feet.
This story is an epic. Truely marvelous. It gets me every time. I once was in a demonstration, in High School English and I still have the lines memorized... even Juliets. The interaction still gets me. I never knew how I could go on living in a moment so still.
The beach; ooohh the beach, ...do you bit your thumb at me, SIr?- Romeo and Juliet. I love this part, and the genral or comissioner says, 3 cival frays.... AT this point you can tell early on in the story there has been a altercation going on between the families. To the ball, event, enchanted dance. In the Movie Romeo takes what appears to be some Extacy to me with a little heart on it. He becomes illusioned I believe. For one I believe in the mystical power of love at first site, but in the movie, which I don't mind, the wooo each other.
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is a unique story of love and hate of anything of nothing that gives birth to the hope of peace caused by two lovers.
I watched this movie when I was 15 in 1999. It still leaves an impression and I can remember the people I was with, the events at the time.
This is a timeless classic; both book and movie and I encourage you to own it and enjoy it!

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