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(The Bible)

Esther is one of many books that make up the larger work known as the
Bible.  Esther takes place during the time of the captivity of the
Jews.  The title character, Esther, is a young Jewish woman that
becomes the queen and helps save her people from anihilation.

Esther, a young and beautiful Jewish woman, living in captivity, who is
also an orphan.  Her uncle named Mordecai has raised her.  He
works at the palace, and apparently is the recipient of much gossip
that goes on at the palace.  The king gets mad at his wife, and
throws her out, beginning a search for a new, beautiful woman to take
her place.  Mordecai suggests to Esther that she "audition" for
the role of queen, and she, respecting his advice, does so.

All of the beautiful ladies that are desiring to become queen are taken
to the palace and "prepared" for an unknown length of time, until they
get their chance with the king.  After a certain length of time,
the king checks out each woman, the book doesn't say how, and decides
on his new queen - Esther.  He does not, of course, know that she
is a Jew, and Mordecai advises her to keep her nationality
secret.  She of course listenst to his advice, and know one knows
that she is a Jew. 

Soon a plot unfolds by a man named Haman to have all of the Jews, who
he hates, killed.  The king, seemingly swayed by anything, agrees
and signs a decree to have all of the Jews killed on a certain
date.  Mordecai gets word of this, and tells Esther to entreat the
king to change his decree.

Esther makes a big dinner for the king and Haman, to butter up the
king.  The king comes in and eats, and Esther says she wants to
make another dinner for the two the next night.  That night,
Esther tells the king that she is a Jew, and that with his decree, she
would be killed.  The king is outraged at Haman, and has him
hung.  Although his decree could not be reversed, the king orders
another decree that the Jews are allowed to fight back, therefore
saving them from slaughter.

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