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(The Bible)

Judges is yet another book in the collection of books known as the
Bible.  This book tells the stories of the various judges that
ruled over Israel in the time when they had no king.  It details
the downward spiral of corruptness that the judges fall into as the
nation gets further from obeying God.  During the time of each
judge, the nation turns back to God in repentance, only to fall further
into sin after the judge dies.

One of the most famous judges is Samson.  Samson was dedicated to
God by his parents before he was even borne.  He was what was
known as a Nazarite, which meant he had certain vows to God that he was
supposed to keep.  Samson was also blessed with amazing
strength.  Samson, during his life, broke most of the vows he was
supposed to keep in one way or another.  He did, however, slay
many of the Israelites enemies during that time.  He fell in love
with a temptress named Delilah who was seeking to turn him over to his
enemies for money, and continually got him drunk to ask him the secret
of his strength.  Finally Samson gave in and told her, and he was
taken captive.  Eventually he gained his strength back just enough
to destroy many of his enemies, dying himself in the process.

Another famous judge is the chicken, Gideon.  Gideon was first
approached by messengers of God as he was threshing his wheat in
hiding.  He had to be shown several signs from God to even believe
that he was supposed to do what he was told.  Eventually he made
an army, a tiny one compared to that of his enemies, only made smaller
by God to prove His great power, and went to battle.  He didn't
actually end up fighting any, as God devised a trick to scare the
enemies away.

After all the Judges, the Israelites decided that they needed a king, but that is a different book altogether.

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