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V. Jonah
(The Bible)

Jonah is just one of many books in the collection of books known as the
Bible.  This book tells the story of a prophet who was sent to the
city of Ninevah with a message of impending doom.  Jonah was a
prophet to the Israelites, and Ninevah was a city of gentiles who were
very corrupt people.

When Jonah got the message from God that he was to go preach to
Ninevah, he decided to go as far in the other direction as he
could.  So he hopped on a ship bound for Tarshish, trying to run
away from God and His commands. 

Unfortunately for Jonah, God could not be fooled, and He sent a storm
down on the sea.  All of the men on the boat were afraid for their
lives, and figured some diety must have it out for someone on their
boat.  Meanwhile, Jonah was sleeping soundly in the bottom of the
boat, oblivious to his danger.  The men of the ship cast lots,
trying to figure out who was in trouble with their divinity, and the
lot fell on Jonah.

The men roused Jonah and asked him what he had done to anger whoever he
believed to be divine.  Jonah was convicted, and immediately told
the men his story, and volunteered to be thrown overboard, supposing
his death would soothe God's wrath. 

The men kindly obliged, and tossed Jonah into the sea, figuring him for
a dead man.  But instead of drowning, Jonah was eaten alive by a
giant fish.  Amazingly, Jonah survived in the fish's tummy for 3
days, all the while praying for a second chance from God to go to
Ninevah.  After his 3 day penitence, God allowed the fish to spit
Jonah up onto the land, and Jonah immediately booked it to Ninevah.

When he got there, Jonah began preaching his doom message to the
people, and, much to Jonah's surprise, the people repented.  Even
the king of the city himself rent his clothes and got down in ashes to
mourn his sin.  Of course, true to His word, God forgave the city
and did not destroy them.

One would think that the story ends there, but it does not.  Jonah
went up on the hillside expecting to watch the destruction of the
city.  However, the city was not destroyed because God gave them a
second chance as he had given Jonah.  Jonah was completely upset
by this, and sat pouting under a bit of shade, which soon got eaten by
a worm, thus making Jonah even more cranky.  That is basically
where the story ends, leaving us hanging as to whether or not Jonah
finally got the message.

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