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The Stroll of Pain
(alice martins)

One day pain left to take a walk, found a man who cut of axe
and said: I can make company to you? It said: No. You don't see that I am
to work and I do not have time to folgar? More ahead
found one girl who went for the school and said; I can go with you? It
answered: Not. She does not see that I am hasty and I do not have time for
to talk?
pain continued its passage crossing the way of how many it was
finding, always making the same question and getting same
reply. Tired to become vacant and to look company,
entered in a festive house. Everything was joy and happiness there.
The foaming goblets while they waited the appetizing foods of meat
and other dishes.
Many people if used of the famous tobacco whose bluish smoke
filled airs, forming different figures. abuse of sex, exhibition,
, everything what excite the sensorial directions was presents.
the uncommon observing. pain, found the environment favorable. And if
installed there negligently. some hours after started if to reveal
in those whose excesses had been committed.
alice martins

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