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Biography of Jacques Cousteau
(Andreia VB)

Jacques Cousteau (English) Jacques Cousteau was born in France in 1910 and was admitted to French Naval Academy at the early age of 20.He had dreamt about becoming a navy flier until the day he had a car accident and had to go on rehabilitation. Luckily, his 1st contact with underwater world was right during rehabilitation and soon he was beginning his first underwater explorations as developing the very first Aqualung with Emile Gagnan.He also produced over 115 films and wrote several books in order to raise awareness of underwater beauty and ecological concerns or dangers.As a very concerned man about underwater world, he got to produce some TV programmes and to create the Cousteau Society and got involved with the Monaco Ocean Museum.He finally stopped when he died at the age of 87 on June 25th.

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