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Reading In The Dark
(????? ???)

the book is based on the life of the author, shimos deen, and he is written in a first person body. the name of the book imply about the difficulty in reading him. the storyteller shows broken parts of dark and unknown memories that constitute parts from the pazzel who constitute horrible secret.the stages in exposing the pazzel who show the frame of the charge. the other parts of the charge steeped also in the dark: the life of the chased catholic minority in north ireland with combination of the superstitions and the ghost stories that prevalent close to them.the story combin several amusing events from the life of the storyteller, like an interesting math lesson and his meeting with the priest that lectures him about the facts of the life, but part of the stories are tragic, like the memory of the child that was ran over by a truck and his little sister that has died. the uncel of the storyteller from the side of his father is disappeared mysteriously. in the beginning of the story the storyteller hears contradict versions concerning to his discovery place, whether if he is alive, when each family member claims to his own version. his father on the other hand avoids of talking on the incident, repress it.the storyteller discovers that his uncel inform to the british and therefore he was exectuted.along the story the storyteller discovers new information that was kept in a secert by part of the family from the others, terrible information that may tore apart the family, information that must keep in secret. the fact that he knows this kind of secret, that surround the family like a shadow, like a ghost, oppressed him for a long time, compulse him to get away from the family until he can get free of it, give him to die with the person that from him the life period was kept.the first book of shimos deen, reading in the dark, won praises of many critics. reading in the dark is an extraordinary story on maturing, the life of chasen minority and ghosts who were liven up to life.

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