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Pride And Prejudice
(Jane Austen)

This popular novel was written by Jane Austin when she was just 20 years old, although it was not published until later. The main romance is between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy. She first meets him at a village dance. He is visiting a friend of his called Mr Bingley, who has rented an estate near the village. Elizabeth overhears Mr Darcy say that she is not attractive enough to tempt him to dance with her. This and his haughty manner lead her to dislike him. They are thrust into each others company when Mr Bingley falls in love with Elizabeth?s sister Jane. Later they meet again when Elizabeth visits her cousin William Collins, who is a curate under the patronage of Darcy?s aunt Lady Catherine de Burgh. By now Darcy is in love with Elizabeth and proposes to her.She rejects him angrily. She is insulted by his proposal in which he explains that he loves her despite their different stations in life. She has also recently discovered that Darcy has been instrumental in parting Jane and Mr Bingley. In the second half of the book Elizabeth gradually comes to admire Darcy. She meets him by accident when she is visiting his magnificent estate in Derbyshire and is surprised how hospitable he is. Tragedy strikes her family when one of her younger sisters, Lydia, elopes with the villainous George Wickham. Darcy is instrumental in finding the couple and forcing them to marry. He also gives his blessing to the union of Jane and Mr Bingley.Elizabeth realises that she is in love with him but fears that he would consider her rejection of his proposal as final. Luckily he has the courage to propose again and the book ends happily

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