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The Bourne Identity
(Robert Ludlum)

Jason Bourne was probably the most wanted man by intelligence agencies all over the world and criminals alike. He was a man without a name or a memory. He didn?t know why people were trying to kill him but he intended to find out.It all started in a little fishing village in Port Noir, France where he was brought seriously injured by fisher men who found him at sea. Dr.Washburn could patch him up physically but mentally he couldn?t do much. In his sleep, the patient spoke of different things in different languages. This made the doctor think that he was some kind of a professional, most probably a criminal. This idea was confirmed when he found a microchip concealed surgically in his patient?s body, which had his signature and a Swiss Bank account number. To test if he was right, as soon as his patient regained consciousness, he gave him an old pistol and told him to dismantle it. This was done perfectly and with expertise which confirmed the doctor?s suspicions. After his patient recovered completely, he went to Zurich where he seemed to be well known. He then went to the bank and it was here that he learnt that his name was Jason Bourne. He had a lot of money and he transferred most of it to Paris. He didn?t know why he thought of Paris then but it was an automatic decision that he made. Places in Switzerland seemed familiar to him and while coming out of the bank somebody tried to shoot him. He escaped unhurt and went to a hotel. He saw the person who tried to kill him at the bank, at the hotel too. There was a conference at the hotel and a woman was about to enter the hall when he took her arm and accompanied her inside. She was Marie St Jacques a Professor of Economics from Canada. Bourne took her as his hostage and escaped from the hotel. At another place where he was cornered by some men Marie escaped and took the help of the men whom she thought was the police. They smashed Bourne?s fingers and seriously injured him. Then the head of the group gave instructions for Marie to be killed and thrown into the river. Bourne escaped and went in search of her. He found her at the river side and her killer trying to rape her before he killed her. He freed her and she in turn helped him to get out of Zurich. She got a doctor to treat him and only after closely questioning him did she believe that he didn?t have a memory and she was sure that he wasn?t a criminal because no criminal would come to save her. She insisted on going to Paris with him. There they found out that Carlos a widely known criminal all over the world wanted him dead. Jason didn?t know who Carlos was, and why he wanted him dead. He tracked Carlos down to a smart shopping district in Paris, and could get only a few clues from a fashionable shop. These clues helped him to track down Carlos who was known as the assassin of Europe. He was hunted for twenty years and was believed to have killed between fifty and sixty political and military figures. He was in a different disguise each time and no one knew what he looked like. From the fashion shop, Bourne got a telephone number which belonged to General Villiers, a most respected and powerful man of France. He was one of the Senior Deputies in the National Assembly. His wife was Carlos? lover and gave Carlos all the information he needed. General Villiers trusted his wife completely and knew of his wife?s link to Carlos only through Bourne.In his conversation Bourne always came across Treadstone, a company in the United States of America. When Marie?s friend Peter from Canada tried to find out what Treadstone was, he was killed. Bourne also realized that Treadstone was one place where he had a lot to find out about. When Marie tried to get help she found out that the US and Canadian governments also wanted Bourne dead.While researching in newspaper offices they found out that Bourne was in every place that Carlos was and also wherever a kill took place. Bourne decided to go to the US and find out about Treadstone. Meanwhile Carlos goes to the States and meets the person who is closely involved with the Bourne case. He goes to Treadstone and eliminates most of them. There is no one who knows Bourne and who can help him now.When Bourne goes to the States, he goes to Treadstone. The place looks familiar to him but he can find nothing. He also knows now that all the members of Treadstone are dead and he can never find out anything about himself. Carlos lays a trap for him when he goes there. They have a fight and both of them are seriously injured. However, Carlos escapes and is at large. Bourne finds out that he has worked for Treadstone which was an undercover for the CIA and he has been altered to suit his role. He didn?t know his role nor his real name. He was to pose as an assassin, in fact, a counter-threat and stop Carlos from committing any crimes.

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