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(Joël Rivage)

To colonize a new planet and to make it livable by the Man. An old dream which was to be carried out for the safety of humanity. The Venus colonization was indeed the single means of preventing the extinction of any trace of life on Earth. The end was envisaged in two centuries, according to experts', after a great cataclysm devastates the whole of the planète.Le Adonis program, engaged it-there-A a few years on Venus, was going to make it possible humanity to leave a Ground condemned to continue to follow, elsewhere, its destiny. The Man, able of worst like the best, became thus absolute Master of Vivant.Mais can one all envisage? All to control? The Man is it able to control the gasoline even of Vie?Ceci is a fiction. A pure fiction. But it makes the echo of a reality which is summarized in a question: What let us be made our planet? Let us not forget that, for the moment, we have only it to live. Discover a captivating novel on the site of the Editions of the wind of Banks: http://www.edveri.com

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