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My Life, The Soap Opera

It is funny how life can make you revisit your past, making you look at certain events in your life and wander about them. Such a thing happened to me. It was the 11th August of the year 2006. I was seating around watching television. The post camethrough and Jay delivered it saying, ?You got post bro!? My father came inand said. ?Jay! What are you doing with that beard???It?s a goatee dad??Don?t tell me what it is, why do you have one???I think it looks rather decent dad??For goodness sake Jay get rid of it!??But why???It doesn?t look good on you.??But my friends think it looks good on me.?

?Your friends would thing a breast implant would be good for you?I let out a bit of a laugh.Jay said, ?Come on dad i like it?.?Fine! But don?t expect me to be happy about it?As my dad walked out Jay looked at me and said, ?Thanks a lot for backing me up??Well what did you want me to say???How about trying to convince him??I started to open the letter and said, ?He has let you anyway?.?Yeah but he is not happy about it and now he is going to keep bugging me untili get rid of it. Remember the time when i dyed my hair???Oh boy who could forget that? The letter was in fact an invitation to a birthday party. It was from Moe, this was surprising. We were friends back at school but we hadn?t been in contact for the lastcouple of years. We never really got along which made this even more surprising.I didn?t know what to make of it, i didn?t know if i should go or not. Later on I went to Jack?s place; Imran and Karun were also there. I explained to them about getting the invitation.?You got one as well?? said Jack?What do you mean???Well i got one as well? said Jack?So did i? said ImranThere was silence for awhile; we looked towards Karun who seemed a bit confused but then replied, ?Oh, so did i?.I said, ?Have we even had contact with him since we last met???Not to my knowledge i don?t even have his number?, replied Jack.Imran said, ?I heard he was once caught in bed with a snake charmer except shewas a he!?Karun said, ?I heard he was having an affair with his college principals daughter andgot her pregnant?I said, ?Who cares about what he has been up. Its not like any of us are going is it??There was a pin drop silence in the room everyone looked at each other. I said, ?Don?ttell me you lot are considering going??Imran replied, ?Well maybe we should. For all we know he might?ve changed?.Jack said, ?Yeah and how are we going to know if we don?t go Arun. If we don?t it might get him upset and he does make an issue out of things. Remember Ted Flair.Jack was right about that. In school when Ted Flair accidentally bumped into Moe, hewent on and on about him deliberately doing it and that he wanted to fight. Moe then put him in a dustbin with his trousers down. In truth Moe picked on him just to look big. None of us really felt it made him big, it just made us realise morethat we shouldn?t have been friends with him. Then again for all we know he might?ve changed and if we didn?t go, Moe would as Jack said make a issue outof it.

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