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The Monk That Sole Is Ferrari
(robin sharman)

This book is based on a spiritual tale or fable, where the author reveals how, through a new life philosophy, he was able to free himself of a hasty and stressfull life style which had caused a spiritual rupture. It's a set of principles that will make every human beeing rethink about life, the value of simple things, where lies the secret to a fullfilled life. A hard work of disciplin and exactitude where bad habits are replaced for good ones, where will power is the mother of a series of changes, demonstrate us clearly the potential that lies beneath our surface, potential that we don't even realize we own!The ability to take control of our lives and live them to the fullest lies inside each and everyone of us. The teachings found in this book are very simple and down-to-earth, all that is really necessary is wanting and believing that hapiness is everything, this is my path and my path is the one I chose.

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