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A Simple Story

Title : Happyness is with you. Always people serching for happyness outside. Actually they don't know the happyness in only within us. There was a rich man in India. He is having lot of money,jwelles,shares etc. He drunks a lot and enjoy everything in the world.But he is not happy. He is hunting for happyness. one day he collect all his money,jewlles,pearls,gold everything and put it in a bag and went to forest. There he saw one saint sitting in yoga position with closed eyes. The rich man called the saint "guru jee" ! The saint opened the eyes and look at the richman. Dear saint I am having everything in my life except HAPPYNESS. I request you to take all the items from bag and tell me how to be happy. He put down the bag at his foot. The saint was silent for a minute and closed his eyes for a minute. Then he opened his eyes suddenly he took the bag and started run away. The rich man was shocked and srated chasing the saint. He is unable to catch the saint. The rich man was upset and think himself that he wrongly approached a fraud saint. But he is running behind the saint. The saint entered into all big,small streets,lanes. The rich man also followed the saint. After one and half hours running the saint again came back to the forest where he was originally sat under the tree. The saint silently sit on a stone under the tree. Ater soon time the rich man came to the original place and saw the saint sitting under the same tree. He also flound the his bag was kept in front of the saint. The moment the richman reaches the place he immediately take the bag and hold it firmly. The saint opened his eyes and asked the richman how do you feel now ? The rich man says Jee I am happy. Because I got back my mony bag. But the saint smiled and tell Hi earlier also the same bag was with you only. But you was told me that you are not happy. Now also the same bag is with you but you are telling me that you are happy. so my dear friend please understand one thing. THE HAPPYNESS IS NOT AT OUTSIDE. IT IS WITHIN US.

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