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(Alexis Mielonen)

Hope She ran faster and faster as the rain poured down on her head and on the hard cold street. Looking at her would make you think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany?s; trench coat tightly tied around her waist and a look of desperation in her eyes as she looked for an unfound piece to her heart. Tripping over the curb of the street she fell scrapping her hands and face on the asphalt. The moment she fell, a dam burst inside and she sobbed for what she felt were hours. What a picture, laying half on the street and half on the sidewalk, with the rain pelting her back and the night sky looking down upon her. I as a narrator have never seen such a sight. It evoked an emotion in me to want to run, wrap the woman in my arms and tell her everything would be ok. That nothing would hurt her anymore- all would be ok. With time however, gasps and moans soon turned to sniffs, which eventually turned to deep breaths and finally a calmer disposition. Amazing how one is able to think clearer when chaos still surrounds, threatening with an uncontrollable life. Yet, with each step, confidence builds and whispers of hope come at the turn of each road. I believe, to this day, that that hopeful whisper was speaking to her and as she raised her head to look down the road ahead, she saw what could be- not what was currently happening. You see, there are times in one?s life when they must disengage with life and reality, and rest for a while in the ?what could be? world. For some time she stared down the road not moving until she quietly spoke, ?Sarah?. Slowly she stood and raised her head to the stars. Feeling the rain on her face now reminded her of a refreshing shower- washing her of any uncleanliness. As she looked around her, she picked up the purse she was carrying and the few contents, which spilt out; one was a child?s purple hair clip. Passing her wet fingers over the bumpy surface, she took another deep breadth and put it back into her purse. Looking down the street of ?what could be? once more, she turned and began walking from which she came. Walking past familiar businesses and stores, she forced her head high and began to rub off the blood and the gravel from her wounds. She continued walking until she stood outside the building from which she left running. Fear and depression were waiting inside, yet so was the unfound piece of her heart she was looking for. As she walked through the doors reading ?Women?s Shelter?, a child jumped into her arms yelling, ?Mommy! Where did you go? I was scared??Smoothing her child?s hair back, she smiled.?Mommy?s right here Sarah and everything?s going to be ok.??But mommy, how do you know???Because, my love, I saw it.?The end

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