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Feng Shui
(wilhem chu)

It is the Chinese art of placing household things so as a positive energy flows in the premises.Traditionally, the Chinese believed that anything that happened to man was because of three factors. His fate, efforts and environment. They termed these factors as Heavens Luck, Man Luck and Earth Luck.Heaven Luck : Always provides a basis or platform for other lucks to act. Man Luck : Human effort is always needed for any development. Hard work has fashioned many careers and a good attitude has raised the social altitudes of people. Human effort is what Man Luck signifies.Earth Luck : Where a man lives will have a bearing on him and his progress. The earth and the structures man creates on it would develop or deter his efforts. Earth Luck includes aspects of the environment, the building shapes as well as room placement and interior decoration.There are bound to be similarities in the homes of people with similar lives. The environment one lives in reflects the person.Just by looking at a cluttered table we can determine the state of mind the person using it.The logical question is ?if a man is reflected by his home, cannot changing its outlook or rearranging its contents have an impact??Yes. It definitely would. That would be science of feng shui.

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