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Pride And Prejudice
(Jane Austen)

A classic romance written bysomeone who probably never heard the soft words of love breathed into her ears. And that is why probably the story is so deliciously captivatingfor it is an onlooker who tells the story. The story of a spirited, independent-mindedgirl, and how her sense of humor entrances her suitor who, in the beginning, cannot see anything to smile at in life.Austen, as she observed the societyshe was in, with wry ironytranslated her feelings and opinions through Elizabeth Bennet's eyes.

The second of five sisters, Elizabethdoes not allowthe usual preoccupation of young girls and their families on the subject of marriage to divert her enjoyment of the foibles of society. Especially when Bingley, a rich, young neighbour and his sisters and his richer friend, Darcy enter the picture, Elizabeth finds plenty to be amused at. In perfect sympathy with her sister Jane's feelings for Bingley, she, nevertheless, has a very clear - sighted opinion of Darcy. Or so she thinks. Only when trials arise in the family through the youngest sister, Lydia, and Darcy proves his love does Elizabeth realize that her own pride was as much at fault as Darcy's prejudice. All ends well in the end, with Jane getting her Bingley and Darcy winning Elizabeth's hand. But not before there are rich and wondrful scenes of an English society long gone by.

Long gone by - for, an Elizabeth Bennet has gone out of fashion in the world of Bridget Jones and her ilk. Delicacy and subtelty are no more desirable. Jane Austen would have raised her eyebrows. But maybe,being Austen, she would have written another Pride and Prejudice, where Elizabeth Bennet makes the moves and Darcy waits to be claimed. Austen would have enjoyed this irony the most - the change in English society and manners.

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