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Understanding Money Is Understanding Life
(Suresh Padmanabhan)

The lousiest lie you?ve ever heard or spoken is, ?Money is not important in my life?. Only a true hypocrite will reiterate the lie that money is not important to life. Why, even the most vital needs of food, clothing and shelter would not be met otherwise. For as clichéd as this may sound money is as integral to your being as the air you breathe, as vital to your well-being as mothers milk to a newly born baby. Just as blood circulation keeps you vital and the lack of it results in a clot, so also an inadequate flow of money in your life will result in a diseased existence. Money, Money, Money! It is everywhere. If it is not in your pocket, it is in your head. It is a part of everybody's life and it is a part of you. You?ve been brainwashed so far against money. Get brainwashed for money for a change. Isn?t it high time we awake to the importance of money? So infinitely are our lives entangled with money that our emotions invariably hinge on our present money state? Maybe you have little and you feel a lusty craving for more. Maybe you have a lot and you are consumed by guilt. Whichever way you look at money it is bound to affect you. Leading a meaningful money life stems from putting yourself back in the drivers seat and controlling money rather then the other way around. The more you grasp the mysterious phenomena of money, the deeper the scope for understanding your life, your dreams and your ultimate reality. Money is called as the Sixth Sense, without which our other five senses work at a low efficiency. Money is a special mirror that tells us stories about ourselves. Sadly, all our years of ?education? completely neglected focus on this vital aspect of life. There is however nothing more misunderstood in the world or as mysterious and complex as the idea of money. Hence as you discover and unravel the deeper secrets of money, your whole life also starts blooming and flowering. Understanding Money is Understanding Life.

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