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Encyclopaedia Brittanica
(Encyclopaedia Brittanica)

Gone with the Wind, is an excellent romance novel which one will never want to put down. It takes place in 19th century Atlanta in the USA. The heroine Scarlet O'Hara is a spoilt belle who will stop at nothing at getting her child sweetheart Ashley Wilkes. Ashley Wilkes is already engaged to another woman Melanie Hamilton his cousin, and in reality has never laid eyes on Scarlet. However Scarlet ignores this and carries on her pursuit even though Ashley marries Melanie. The novel spans through 12 years of Scarlett's life pursuing Ashley Wilkes. The novel is also very descriptive in showing the horrors of the American Civil War and shows Scarlett's relationships with the rest of the characters which is not good as most people regard Scarlet as hateful,and calculating to take Ashley from Melanie. The only people who really like her are her 3 husbands Charles, Frank Rhett and as it is difficult to believe Melanie although Scarlet does everything in her power to take him away from her. A great novel that will satisfy all romantic readers.

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