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H E L O V E S M E . .
(By sHiM, United Arab Emirates)

I met my love when i was just 14,i had gone for my vacations to meet everyone back in my homeland.Anu(nick name)16 at the time,was someone i knew since childhood as he is a family friend.We were completely different people he was very shy guy on the other hand i was very out going it was then that i somehow made him talk to me and tell me all about his crush.He wasnt very serious about her but i promised to patch them up and thats when we started to like each other.I wasnt sure at all the first day if i even wanted to be in a relationship i just thought i was too young at that time.It became a long distance relationship after i came back & continued with my schooling.Being a crazy teen at that time i thought i fell in love again with some other guy in my school and ended up leaving anu for the new guy.Although my feelings for the new guy were pretty strong things dint work out between us and i broke up.Still stuck on the relationship and in immense pain i started cutting my hand and abusing myself and crying every night for hours.All this time anu wanted me to come back to him and was very supportive as a friend as he knew that at that point of time i needed a true friend more than anything.Even though i knew he was so hurt by what i had done to him i couldnt see anything else but my love for the other guy who had actually moved on pretty quickly.After a year or so i went back to my homeland and met him again.I felt guilty that how miserable i had made him,i then realised that one should choose someone who loves you over someone you love and i did exactly that.We started going out again and obviously it was still a long distance relationship and eventually i feel madly in love with him.Since then me n anu have seen loads of ups n downs especially him.I tell him its not easy going out with a person like me and he says what can he do its love..He loves me and i know that.I can see it in his eyes(once in a year when i go there)lol!
Neways now he is 21,in the last year of his university and im 19 and since four years have been togheter in a long distance relationship seeing each other just once a year for around 20days.The reason i choose to write this was to tell people that firstly CHOOSE THE PERSON WHO LOVES YOU RATHER THAN A PERSON U LOVE because there is no other blessing in the world than being loved!and secondly im a firm believer that when you meet the true love of your life God will show you a sign,in my case tragically it was another guy who made me realise how much love matters in a realtionship and also makes life worth living!

i just want to tell him that..


ur bAbY dOll...

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