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The Glass Menagerie
(Tennessee Williams)

Amanda Wingfield, the mother of Tom and Laura was a beautiful woman. She had a number of admirers in her youth. She always boasted to her children about the number of men who tried to court her at a time. She tried to relive her past through her two children. Mr.Wingfield, her husband had left them long ago. He worked in a telephone company and loved his telephones so much that he left his family to be with his them.Laura was handicapped and shy. She always liked to be alone. She had a collection of glass figures and spent most of her time playing with them. Tom was an irresponsible person who loved to drink, dance and chase women. His mother held him responsible for all their miseries. He in turn blamed his mother for all the failures in his life. Amanda was very concerned about Laura?s future. She sent her to business school so that she could learn and become independent. Laura wasn?t happy with this and tried to avoid going to school. She was shy and felt that everyone would make fun of her. When Amanda found out that she wasn?t attending school and confronted Laura with it she said that she was sick and couldn?t attend school. Amanda now knew that she would never attend school. Laura being a shy girl didn?t go anywhere and didn?t know anybody. Now, Amanda decided that it was time to get Laura married. She gave Tom the responsibility to find a nice man with clean habits. Tom took a long time to find such a man. When he found him, he informed his mother about it. He told her that the man?s name was Jim and he was coming to dinner the next day. Amanda was excited about it. She started to clean the house and make plans for dinner.Amanda was very thorough in all her preparations the next day. The house was spic and span but she found that it wasn?t clean enough. She made a great fuss over Laura?s dressing. Her excitement was very embarrassing to Laura. Their guest finally arrived. Amanda went up to get Laura, who was very reluctant to come down and meet Jim. When she finally saw him she was even more embarrassed because he was the same Jim whom she had liked in high school. Laura did not speak much during dinner. When dinner was over, Amanda and Tom went into the kitchen to do the dishes leaving Jim and Laura alone. Jim talked to Laura and after some time she became comfortable with him. She showed him her glass figures. Accidentally Jim broke a glass unicorn which was her favorite. Laura surprisingly was very calm about it. Jim then danced with her and later kissed her. Then he apologized. He said that he had no right to kiss her as he was engaged to someone else. He couldn?t be unfaithful to his love because she had taught him what it was to love someone. Laura didn?t speak but gave him the broken unicorn as a wedding gift. Amanda heard what Jim had said to Laura. She was furious and blamed Tom for it. In anger Tom left the house never to return. Amanda and Laura were left alone in the house with a single candle burning between them.

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