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History Of Secret Codes
(Simon Singh)

Secret Codes have always been of the highest importance in politics, foreign affairs and military actions. They have influenced the destiny of nations, armies and sometimes lovers...From the arrest of Mary Stuart to the commitment of the USA in the Second World War, from the messages hidden in the hair of the greek emissaries to the code-processing rooms of the NSA, this book is absolutely as exciting and fascinating as a detective novel. We discover how the competition in code making led to breakthrough in linguistic science, mathematics and...computer making and programming. Also, this book brings to light how vital secret codes are in our modern civilisation. In those times of satellites and internet, cryptography is central for private life. How does the author manage to write such a fascinating book with such a technical topic? I was a bit skeptical before i read it, but it is a really good book. Each time I opened it, i entered into successive approaches : historical, scientific, anecdotic...itwas always such a pleasure.This book was fascinating, very well documented and written. It is not necessary to be a specialist to understand as everything is well explained. In the same time, mathematicians or informaticians who have a passion for codes will not be bored, and will certainly find in this book a valuable complement to their knowledge.

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