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The Importance of Being Even You!
(Marcus Paes)

The Importance of Being Even You! One day, a Samurai, which was a very proud warrior, came to see a Zen Master Although very famous, look to the Master, its beauty and charm of that time, the samurai felt themselves suddenly lower. He then told the Master: - "Why am I feeling inferior? Just a moment ago, all was well. When we went, I suddenly felt inferior and I never feel well before. Encarei death many times, but never experienced any fear. Why am I feeling scared now? " The Master said: - "Wait. When everyone is party, reply." Throughout the day, people came to see the Master, and the samurai was becoming more and more tired of waiting. By dusk, when the room was empty, the samurai asked again: - "Now you can answer me why I feel inferior?" The master brought him out. It was a night of full moon and the moon was just emerging on the horizon. He said: - "Look at those two trees, the tree high and small tree beside him. Both were together next to my window for years and there has never been any problem. A smaller tree never told more "Why me feel inferior before you? This tree is small and that is great - this is the fact, and never heard a whisper about it. " The samurai then argued: - "This is because they can not compare." The Master replied: So I need not ask. You know the answer. When you do not compare, any inferiority and superiority disappear. You are what is and simply exist. A small bush or a large, high tree, no matter, you are yourself. A folhinha the grass is as necessary as the majority of the stars. The song of a bird is as necessary as any Buddha, as the world will be less rich if this corner disappear. Just look around you. Everything is needed and everything fits. It is an organic unity, nobody is higher or lower, no one is above or below. Each is incomparably unique. You are necessary and sufficient. In nature, size is no difference. Everything is equal expression of life.Escreva o seu resumo aqui.

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