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Pensioner Mishaps
(claire baldwin)

Doris was seventy three and a widow. She married George when she was twenty and they were married forfifteen yearsyears. They had five children Emily who is now 52, the twins Jimmy and Catherine who are 51 and Sandra who is 49 and Maggie who is 47. After George sadly died she felt all lost and alone she couldnt bear to leave the house. Her children were worried about their mother but about three years after George died she met and married her second husband Les . This was when she was thity five and they went on to have three children Helen who is now 37 , Alan who is 35 and last but not least Sarah who is now 28. Les and Doris were married for thirty two years. Les was older in years than Doris as he was seventy eight when he sadly died. Les like Doris had been married before and he was a widower when they met and he had children three un fact so Doris became a stepmother. She had eight children and three stepchildren. All were married and had families of their own so all in all she had fifteen grandchildren from her first marraige and six grandchildren from her second and Les's children had four between them . She counted them as her own so that meant she had twenty six grandchildren. Her granchildren from the older children were older. Ann was the eldest thirty and Jane was the youngest twenty four. All the granchildren from her first marriage were either married or living with someone and they all had children so she was a great grandmother as well. After losing Les she was so pleased to have her children around calling in to help her out as she wasnt so good on her feet and had a couple of mishaps falling over. Her granchildren and great children also called round which she enjoyed seening all the children faces light up. They were always wanted to know about their grandfathers and she was only too happy to talk about the two loves of her lives. Both sets of children got on and so did their families as they knew their mum loved them all and their fathers . Doris was certainly a character in her own right she was small about five feet three inches tall. She had been a very good cook cooking excellent food. She was brought up by her mum single handly as her dad died when she was three and her mother never remarried . She died when Doris was fourty nine at the grand age of eighty five in a nursing home . Doris just had two sisters who were both older than her one seventy six and one eighty. So Doris said to everyone I want to be remember to be a kind wife, loving mother, stepmother and grandmother. Someone who had the love of two wonderful husbands and yes that Doris and that how she will be remembered.

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