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Life Of Swami Vivekananda
(Romain Rolland)

Romain Rolland, one of the prolific writers was mostly interested in writing about the greatness of India and Jawahar Lal Nehru, the then Prime Minister advised him to read about the life of Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, his disciple to know learn India better. Vivekananda strongly believed that he would go to Chicago to attend the World Parliament of Religions. He then was helped by Maharaja of Khetri, who gave him a gorgeous robe and a ticket to travel on boat. Thus Swami Vivekananda started from Bombay in 1893. He travelled through many countries of China and Japan and deeply wondered how tremendous the efforts of people was to develop themselves in various fields. He was deeply wounded thinking of the ills that India was suffering from then. He could not suppress himself praising the development of the Far East and the rich West. He could see the impact of Indian culture on these countries and felt greatly thrilled. He reached Chicago in the month of September. He gazed at the tremendous development made by the people of Chicago and with mouth agape he roamed for nearly twelve days at the Universal Exposition of Chicago. It was a shock for him to know that the registration was finished by then and he would not be allowed to enter the Parliament without credentials, he was dumbfounded. He became penniless. With the little money left over with him, he went to Boston and while returning, he met a rich Massachusetts lady, who helped him by introducing him to Prof.Wright, a Hellenist. He offered this penniless pilgrim, a ticket and also some credentials. After reaching Chicago, he lost them and like a beggar, he wandered on the streets, from door to door in search of any help to reach the Parliament. After a long trial, he was helped by Miss Kate Sanborn, who was overwhelmed by the gorgeous face of the young Swami. She helped him credentials and thus Swami, could enter the Parliament. At the Parliament, eight representatives representing eight main religions of the world, stood, speaking of their own sect. At the end of the day, Swami got his chance of speaking up. He stood and spoke the words, SISTERS AND BROTHERS OF AMERICA At these very words,audience in thousands of numbers stood and applauded. They waited this language of heartfor which they were waiting for a long time. Vivekananda said that Hinduism is the mother of all the religions of the world which gave birth to other religionsand which pavedthe way for unity in diversity. He taught the two important precepts of Hinduism, thus: 1. Who so over in what soever form shall reach Me at last; 2. What ever may be the path, ultimately shall reach Me. With these words which stood as a tongue offlame, peoplestood up and showed their ovation. Thus, the breath of Sri Ramakrishna came out in the form of words spokenby Swami Vivekananda.

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