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Watercooler: A Social Networking Tool!
(Aarti R Kumar)

WaterCooler: A social networking tool!

A watercooler show is a cult TV show that people talk to each other about in social situations.

The term first appeared in the mid-90s, describing the phenomenon of people gathering around watercoolers at work to talk about the previous night's episode of Seinfeld. Seinfeld poked fun at the phrase in its final episode, when Jerry and George were summoned to NBC to revive their long lost show, Jerry, because NBC didn't have enough 'watercooler programming'. George pointed out that people also gather around coffee machines, and that they drink mostly from bottles, not watercoolers.

The watercooler is traditionally the drinking hole for cow orkers in American office culture. When used in a larger company, staffs somehow manage to show up at the same times during the workday. This informal gathering is often colloquially described as meeting 'around the water cooler.' Topics discussed during such meetings are said to have a 'water cooler effect'. This means that these topics are newsworthy current events or office gossip interesting (or important) enough to start off conversations around the water cooler. Television shows that people have conversations about are watercooler shows. Conversations around the water cooler are typically of a less professional nature.

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