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Angels Fall
(Nora Roberts)

This latest offering from Nora Roberts is one of her best yet. The incomparable Roberts has a huge fan following already, and this will only increase with her new offering. Set in a small town near a picturesque lake and mountains, ultimately this is a murder mystery/love story with a twist. A woman running from her past, which is cleverly revealed bit by bit, keeping the reader in suspense, settles in thetown of Angels Fist. As bad luck would have it, Reecemanages to witnessthe murder of a woman while hiking in the mountains of her new town. Of course, being a newcomer, and some of the small-town folks regarding her as somewhat eccentric, or neurotic, her cries of 'murder' fall on deaf ears -except with Brody, the quiet writer. Soon the two of them are trying to find a dead woman thatno one is claiming is missing, and, of course, fallingfor one another. Essentially amurder mystery, you find yourself second-guessing every character, and trying to deduce just who is the murderer in the sleepy town.Side characters, something Nora Roberts does best, are entertaining and rich, moving this story along - not that it needed any help. There'sa chain-smoking, entrepreneurial grill/bakerycook,who is somewhat brutal to the lead heroine - who is still recovery from her past - butis lovable at the same time.A little side story with another two characters, and their blossoming love, is sweet on its own, and interesting. Roberts has a way of drawing the reader in, making you a part of the storytelling, and making you love each and every character. And just who is the murderer? This reviewer isn't telling. But you'll be surprised, and you'll enjoy the romance, and the suspense, along the way.

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