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Internet Obsession
(claire baldwin)

Sally was thirty . She lived at home with her parents steve and Annie who were seventy two as her mother had given birth to Sally when she was oldSally had two sisters Emma and Fiona who were 52 and 50 and both had families of their own . They both were grandmothers themselves. Sally had three brothers Robert who was 46 and was married to Lisa with one child , Keith who was married to Sandra with three children and Michael who was living with Carol with no children as yet. He himself was 34. They had been living together for ten years. Sally did not want to move out of home she prefer to stay looking after he rparents who were in need of care now more than ever as they were both now finding it hard. Her mother had to give up driving due to fairing eyesight and her dad was in a wheelchair as he could not walk much. Sally did not have much time to go out and make friends and she did not have a job not one away from the house she worked from the comfort of the front room where when her parents did not need anything she sat at the computer and went on the chat rooms to have some form of contact with the outside world. She did work for people by typing letters, she also was trying to set up her own business selling things. As well as doing this she did ironing for other people in the village and other places as she had a second business ironing. she started up this busines about four years ago. Her day would start with her up at 6.am she would go to the computer for four hours before having a break. Around this time her parents woke up .She would have a television break at around one for lunch as well then it was back to the computer for what seems ages and it would go on from then. She had this occession with the internet as it was her way of coping with what going off and the boredom with not having any contact with the outside world. So as you can See Sally is a lonely person with only the internet for company.

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