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When I Rode The Rapids At Rishikesh

WHEN I RODE THE RAPIDS AT RISHIKESHIt all started during my holidays just before the new session in school usually begins. I was bored and what more my parents were getting increasingly annoyed by my ?I am getting bored? chant and so when a close friend of mine mentioned to me about an adventure trip organized by Rishikesh it was but obvious that they would allow me to go.This three-day trip was mainly white water rafting in the Ganga and we would be staying in a camp, which would provide us lodgings, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all equipment needed for rafting.Though safety was assured throughout the trip my parents would not hear of sending me alone and my elder sister also came along with me. The buses were scheduled to leave early in the morning.None of us could, as the anticipation of looking at the Ganga was too much. Each one was craning our neck to see the sight below.Engulfed by tall mountain, the river Ganga as it seemed to us from top was an amazing blue green in color and the particular angle at which sunlight was penetrating through it made it seem as though a shimmery golden mist was covering the holy river.But then where was the dirty polluted river I had heard of, with pollutants brimming on its surface? It turned out to be that the river was pure only till Rishikesh.The bus stopped midway on the road and we were told that our camp was more than 20 feet below and that we?d better get walking quickly. Finally when we reached down we were given a warm welcome by the camp people. Then the schedule was explained to us, after which we were allowed to choose our tents. ?Leopard camp? as it was called had neat, spacious tents and scrumptious food laid down in buffet style.After a while we were eager to go swimming in the river and wearing magenta color tightly strapped life jackets we ran. In the evening we went for a 10-kilometer trek and returned exhausted.The next morning when we were going rafting and I was particularly apprehensive about handling the oars having no such experience with them at all. But our instructor was good and soon our raft seemed to be smoothly moving across water. But that was until the rapids came.Rapid is a part of a river where the water flows very fast and often over rocks. It the most thrilling part of rafting as long as you doesn?t fall out of the raft or hurt yourself. Our instructor briefed us about the various safety commands and then we crossed our first rapid ?black money?.After the initial shock of the waves lashing out at us wore out we began to eagerly await rapids, laughing at some of their names. There were rapids where the forces and intensity of the waves were so strong that we were literally few inches above water, the raft dangerously bobbing and tilting sideways.There was the Burma Bridge and a common rappelling site .We were allowed to try both activities and had a gala time crossing a bridge made of ropes and walking down a rock .In the evening we gathered f or a campfire and played antakshari .In the morning after breakfast, for the last time we went rafting again.There was a gloomy atmosphere when we returned as the buses had arrived and we were to leave immediately. An unforgettable trip indeed!

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