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The Devils Necklace
(Kat Martin)

A case of mistaken identity leads an honorable pirate to abduct an innocent girl determined to rescue the father she never knew.Captain Ethan Sharpe lost his ship, his men and 11 months of his life because of a traitor. Now he wants revenge. Ethan believes a man named Harmon Jeffries is responsible and will not rest until the culprit is brought to justice. After a grueling investigation, Jeffries is imprisoned; but adeviousyoung girl helps him escape. Ethan discovers the girl fleeing to the coast of York and abducts her believing she can lead him to the traitor.Grace Chastain has always felt slightly out of place. The man she has always considered her Father, resents her for being another man?s child. When Grace?s mother reveals that her biological Father is Harmon Jeffries, Grace wants to get to know him better. But he has been arrested for treason. Grace helps him escape and plans to meet him at a remote estate.Ethan intercepts Grace on her way to the rendezvous and abducts her. He believes she can lead him to his quarry. In an attempt to gain her trust, Ethan tries to seduce her. He tries to charm her into revealing the traitor?s location; but Grace insists she does not know where he is. Ethan admires her loyalty even though he believes it is misplaced.Unable to fight their mutual attraction, Ethan and Grace share a night of passion. Ethan eventually agrees to return Grace to her aunt?s country estate. When Grace discovers she is pregnant, she writes her best friend Tory, the Countess of Brant, and asks for advice.Of course, the Earl of Brant is Ethan?s cousin Cord. It really is a small world.

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