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Solutions To Mitigate Risk In The Global It Infrastructure Solutions To Mitigate Risk In The Global
(Alan Zeichick)

Many of the most urgent challenges facing healthcare
companies today
originate in IT practices. The growth in digital data
volumes combined
with the standardized use of electronic systems has improved
the quality of
healthcare services. However, the complexities of the
operating environment
have increased in tandem. The need for rapid information
accessibility and
sharing, of multiple data types, and for easy information
management, flowing
from varying entry points, is critical to operational
success. While business
continuity and enhanced productivity may head enterprise
goals, provider
accountability, client privacy, information portability, and
process simplification
lead regulatory and consumer demands. With concerns over
standards of
care, patient rights, and insurance fraud, governments
continue to impose
stringent requirements to ensure industry integrity and
safety. Established data
permanence and security rules aim to guarantee enterprise
responsibility around
information authenticy and appropriate disclosure.
Healthcare providers and
insurance firms must obey these mandates to avoid
significant fines, operational
restraints and legal exposure.
Network Appliance solutions deliver the ultimate in
data protection, system consolidation, and information
lifecycle management. Founded in expert combinations of
industry-leading hardware, software, and services, Network
Appliance solutions empower enterprises with reduced
liability, improved productivity, and competitive advantage.
Network Appliance solutions support multiplatform,
distributed environments and expertly control complex data
storage and management requirements. Network Appliance
solutions streamline information access, maximize data
protection, optimize enterprise resources, and lower
operating costs. Network Appliance has assisted healthcare
companies with data storage and
management challenges for over a decade. With a Network
Appliance solution,
healthcare providers and healthcare insurance firms can
enable compliance,
integrate their IT environment, centralize its management,
and implement
improved procedures all while maintaining the
flexibility to respond to
regulations to come.
Network Appliance solutions also help prevent vendor
lock-in and ensure interoperability with present and future
applications through open standard protocols, which enable
seamless application integration into your existing
infrastructure. And Network Appliance regulatory compliance
solutions can handle multiple, competing requests for large
volumes of data, including individual records, allowing
customers to rapidly retrieve data and avoid time-associated

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