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Watching The Moon Missing The Fair

The moon, grown full now over the sea,
Brightening the whole of heaven,
Brings to separated hearts
The long thoughtfulness of night....
It is no darker though I blow out my candle.
It is no warmer though I put on my coat.
So I leave my message with the moon
And turn to my bed, hoping for dreams.

This is a poem of china's one of the greatest poets Zhang Jiuling, and the name of the poem is ?Watching the moon and Missing the fair?. It depictd a picture that the author walking along the moonlight bay and miss his lover implicitly.

The first sentence of the poem indicate that the far and big moon raise up from the sea level and great moonlight covered the whole bay. Because of the miracle and secret of the moon the author remembered his lover and dreamed to watching the moonlight with her together, but the distance and spaces between them prevented them from getting together, so just at one time to see the moon was the comfort for the poet.

The second sentence indicate that the author hated the night for its length and vapidity. Only face to the surface of the moon but no fair's accompany. Just hesitate, and hesitate. What a depression!

The third sentence depict that the author missed the fair all the night and after he put out the candle he noticed the prettiness of the moonlight. So he went out again to enjoy the light even his clothes were moistened by the dew. His lost of attention to the environment show that he wholeheartly got into the memory of his lover.

The last sentence show depict his dream of presenting a gift of moonlight to his lover just because of their incapable of meeting with each other, but of course it was impossible. So he could just disappointedly went back to his house and hope he can meet with his lover in the dream.

The whole poem is so impressive and it affected generation by generation, because of its true love.

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