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(Ayodele Tosan)

Full of love but not of cash this holiday? Looking for inexpensive ways to show your loved ones you care? Here's a short list of simple yet highly effective ideas that will let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. They won't cost you much but will likely be more appreciated than the most expensive gift. After all, it is about the little things in life that say "I Love You". 1. Place a note that says "I Love You" or a short love poem in a lunchbox or wrapped with their sandwich. 2. Take a Valentine's Day card and cut it up into pieces. Number the pieces and lay them ou...
Our first impressions about money, work, and relationships are lasting unless we choose to change them with new information. First impressions really do make an impression. They impress the mind with thoughts and feelings that last even if they were formed in error. Fortunately, if first impressions weren?t good ones, we can modify them with new information. For good or ill, our first impression of anything looms large. This will resonate indefinitely unless we do something to change it. Consider our first impression of a person. Suppose someone strikes.
FENG SHUI BASICS Feng Shui (literally "Wind and Water" in Chinese), is all about balance and harmony between us and our environment. Just like the Yin and Yang energies, Feng Shui is about balance. Where there is light, there will always be darkness; where there is fire, there will always be water; and so forth. Feng Shui teaches that every individual interacts differently to their environment. Sometimes, a particular environment - such as a house or office - is so suited to you that you find that everything in your life is great. However, if you have troubled relationships or financial ...
You act or react to people based on how you perceive them. Those perceptions are influenced by your perceptual styles: Audio, Feeler, Visual, and Wholistic. The style with the highest score influences how you listen and communicate the most. For instance, when you speak to an Audio, you need to collect your thoughts so you can get to the point as quickly as possible. If you ramble, he will tune you out or interrupt you by asking you to get to the point. When you speak to a Visual, you need to show him what you are talking about or speak in descriptive terms so he can visualize what yo...
Is This Love or Emotional Dependency?

The following article is offered for free use in your ezine, print publication or on your web site, so long as the author resource box at the end is included, with hyperlinks. Notification of publication would be appreciated. For other articles which you are free to use, see http://www.innerbonding.com Title: Is This Love or Emotional Dependency? Author: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. E-mail: mailto:[email protected] Copyright: © 2005 by Margaret Paul URL: http://www.innerbonding.com Word Count: 703 Category: Relationships Is This Love or Emotional Dependency? Margaret ...
Why On Line Dating Is So Tough For Men

Online dating has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Every year millions of men turn to internet dating in an effort to meet more women without risking face-to-face rejection. Unfortunately, internet dating doesnt work very well for most men because the odds are so heavily against them. According to a November, 2003 study by Jupiter Research, men are four times more likely than women to subscribe to an online dating site and twice as likely to browse, post, or respond to a profile. Obviously, those odds are stacked strongly in favor of the women. When it comes to in...

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