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Leader In You
(Dale Carnegie Associates & Inc.)

Despite the big promising introduction that the book starts with, it has nothing new to offer. It is just one of those thousand self-help books swallowing the shelf space in book stores.

?Leader in you? by Stuart Levine and Michael Crom fails to meet the expectations raised by the name associated with it i.e. Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc. True that the book has a good number of interesting anecdotes about timeless stalwarts like Mother Teresa, Lee Iacocca, Bela Karolyi and Dale Carnegie himself, but one expects more out of a self-help book. To disappoint, it has a very superficial approach to it. It tells you what it takes to be a leader but doesn't talk about the methods and techniques of acquiring such traits.
The scope of the book is also very narrow. The stories emanating out of the same set of companies make you feel as if you are going through the research reports of certain companies rather than a motivational book. Having said that, there are certain chapters which leave you with thought provoking ideas.
Almost all the chapters start with an anecdote or the other from Dale Carnegie?s early books - How to win friends & influence people and How to stop worrying & start living. If you have already read those masterpieces, you are bound to feel more frustrated by the shallowness of this book. This one clearly seems to be an attempt to encash on the genius of Dale Carnegie. This is evident, also, from the front cover which has the name ?Dale Carnegie? written in a font-size bigger than the font-size in which authors? names have been written.
In all, your likelihood of falling in love with this book is minuscule. But if it is the first self-help book that you have ever read, you may LIKE it. That?s it.

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